December 18, 2017

Montgomery County’s Priorities for the 2018 Maryland General Assembly Session

County Executive Ike Leggett released Montgomery County’s priorities for the session of the Maryland General Assembly due to convene in Annapolis on January 10, 2018.

Highlights of the County’s priorities include increased state funding for school construction, education, transportation, affordable housing, environment, economic development, victims’ rights, public safety, core government functions and capital projects. 


  1. Montgomery County must find a way to widen Rt. 355 between Rt. 27 (Father Hurley Blvd.) and Little Seneca Parkway in Clarksburg. Furthermore, the interchange of Rt. 355 and Brink Road is a public safety menace and must be either closed or reconfigured. Rt. 355 was never intended to handle the Clarksburg development, and the morning and evening backups can require 15-20 minutes to drive less than a mile.

  2. Let's start with a repeal of Safe & Sick and of course the disastrous minimum wage laws in MC. There will be nothing left of this county when the liberals are done with it. Just look at WDC - perfect example.


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