March 14, 2018

Green Business Certification Program Expands to Include Farms Implementing Comprehensive Sustainability Practices

Farm operations certified through the USDA Organic and/or Certified Naturally- Grown programs are now included in the County’s Green Business Directory along with approximately 80 other businesses.

Both the USDA Organic and Certified Naturally-Grown standards require a full commitment to organic practices – no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or genetically engineered seeds – and include a focus on building and conserving soil nutrients through compost, cover crops, crop rotation and other practices.

The following certified Farms are now included in the County’s Green Business Directory
The Green Business Certification Program is managed by the County’s Department of Environmental Protection in partnership with the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce (MCCC) and Montgomery College. This voluntary recognition program

helps County businesses green their operations and prosper in the new green economy by encouraging local consumers and other businesses to consider Certified Green Businesses when making purchasing decisions.

Read more about the Green Business Certification Program HERE.