March 1, 2018

Resident Survey Shows Montgomery County as Desirable Place to Live, Rates County Services

An independent survey commissioned by Montgomery County shows residents rate the County as a desirable place to live, raise children, work and enjoy a good quality of life.

The survey gives high marks to most County services while indicating there are areas for improvement in affordable housing, cost of living and traffic congestion. Boulder, Colorado-based National Research Center conducted the study.

To read more about the study go to press release: Resident Survey Shows Strong Support for Montgomery County as Desirable Place to Live, Gives High Marks to County Services.


  1. We can make this county better if we make ourselves better, remember: it all starts with us.

  2. Whoever says that has an extremely low benchmark. Montgomery County, MD was a wonderful place to live in 30-40 years ago not now. Taxes are high, service are a fraction of what they were in the past, and roads are crowded. The worst part is the installation of cell towers everywhere, even near schools, and "smart" meters on every home. This creates a dangerous environment for undeveloped brains of our children.

  3. My wife and I have lived here and raised our children here for nearly five decades. The county rewarded us with a wonderful multicultural environment and successful careers. We look forward to a golden future, and hope that the governance maintains a balance between the sustainability and excellence that nurture a high quality standard of living.

  4. Roads in the vicinity of Montgomery Village are in terrible condition. Goshen Road has not been repaved/resurfaced in over 23 years and standing water in some locations following rain create significant hazards.

  5. The problem of pot holes should be added the list of improvements needed.
    Thank you.


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