October 23, 2018

Montgomery County Again Among Best in Nation for Fiscal Responsibility with Triple-A Bond Rating for 2018

County Executive Ike Leggett recently announced that Montgomery County has maintained its Triple-A bond rating for 2018 from all three Wall Street bond rating agencies.

Fitch, Moody’s, and Standard & Poor’s all affirmed the “AAA” rating – the highest achievable -- for the County. They all termed Montgomery County’s outlook as “stable.”

The Triple-A bond rating enables Montgomery County to sell long-term bonds at the most favorable rates, saving County taxpayers millions of dollars over the life of the bonds. The rating also serves as a benchmark for numerous other financial transactions, ensuring the lowest possible costs in those areas as well.


  1. Where do you buy these AAA Bonds? Do you need to go thru a broker?

  2. Triple AAA rating, 4 what? Businesses that rape natural habitats,suffocate land with pavement. The county DEP & MNCPPC secretly set aside land for highways:[*ICC],fragment forests, increase water & air pollution.I was the person sampling each of the 3 ICC alignments {from a'58 Masterplan}). The county is as shameful obstacle to 'treemendous MD. Scientists are ignored. SHA destroys wetlands,home to countless species(where they breed),so removal of natural wetlands permanently wipes out natural species. They cannot to wetlands to breed, & are gone 4 ever.I watch the LIE; -'Wetland Mitigation'. Our regions ecologically sensitive amphibians are dying off, due to human activity & ignorance.Severe declines& disease have decimated amphibians-a sentinel of ecosystem health. Once common Box turtles R dying off too,due to a Rana Virus. The little Brown Bat,feeding at dusk on mosquitoes, also is now dying due from white nose fungus.Such disease impacts fauna with decreased immunity;a function of both H20 & air quality. The county is only interested in $$$, not heritage. Developers get kickbacks, are allowed to rape natural areas to build, usually too close to water mains. DEP does NOT have knowledgeable staff..i was on the Water Quality Advisory committee in the '90s. I have an MSc. in Environmental Science (achieved a 4.0 GPA;including doctorate courses in Environmental & Aquatic Toxicology. A PTSD affected DEP head, Cameron Wiggin, hired his friend Van Ness (ART degree) refusing to so much as even look at my 12 page resume-ILLEGALly handed back without being read. The artist was hired for a grad level position in Aquatic toxicology,4 which he was completely Unqualified. The county ignores water resources-our most critically limited resource. Overpriced townhomes sit atop or near watermains. I've yet 2 meet anyone at DEP or MNCPPC (or WSSC) that has adequate education in aquatic biology, ecology, limnology, hydrology.,etc. This rich county cares not nor understands anything about sustainability,or protecting remaining natural habitat. Give-outs 2 developers. Womans choice stolen, a bigoted corrupt leader.Whether county or country..humans will slowly starve, and eliminate its own species as we continue to ignore the impacts we witness (but ignore) on a daily basis. Censorship by our 'purchased' neo-nazi immigrant president is a travesty, with a brown-nosing administration-the white,& WEALTHIEST ever--that cares only about increasing money in their own pockets; as directed by BIG OIL, Big Chemical, the NRA--all in the pockets of legislators. Half of all chordates on earth have been wiped out in the past 4 decades,human population has doubled...and exploitation to our species own extinction is the best thing that could happen (and save) our over-exploited planet. Elizabeth Yuster, MSc., Environmental Scientist; Member: Union of Concerned Scientists. Vote, vote, though the GOP has the contract for voting machines & ballot counting.


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