November 30, 2018

Stay Safe this Holiday Season and Throughout the New Year

Unfortunately, there has been a recent increase in injury and fatal pedestrian-related traffic collisions. Roads and activities will continue to get busier this time of year, so everyone is urged to follow important safety tips now and throughout the new year.

Be Seen, Be Alert and Be Responsible can help keep you safer.
Be Seen: If you are buying a new winter coat, consider purchasing a light-colored one, or at the very least, wear a white scarf and white gloves. Look for athletic clothing with reflective patches and check out what is available at running stores that increases visibility. Don’t assume that because you can see a vehicle, that the driver can see you.

Be Alert: Give full attention when walking or driving. Remember, Maryland is a Hands-Free state: no texting or even holding a cell phone while driving is allowed. Distracted driving continues to be a leading cause of collisions. And, when walking by a roadway or crossing streets, don’t wear earbuds or look at a cell phone.

Be Responsible: Don’t drink and drive. The most responsible party hosts will ensure that no guest drives after drinking and will enforce a zero tolerance for alcohol use by guests under age 21.

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