March 15, 2019

Elrich Budget Seeks Sustainability, Invests in Early Childhood Education

County Executive Marc Elrich released his recommended Fiscal Year 2020 Operating Budget of $5.723 billion in all funds on March 15. The budget is designed to begin delivering on the promises Elrich made to County residents during his campaign for County Executive.

The budget increases County spending on the Montgomery County Public Schools system by $51.1 million and holds property taxes at the Charter Limit by reducing the tax rate by two-tenths of one cent per $100 assessed valuation.


  1. Erlich, like his predecessor, supports a website (paper airplane) that serves as organ to promote his policies and re-election. I believe we would be better served by firing people who write Paper Airplane.

    1. And what exactly is so awful about Paper Airplane and, by extension, the MC Office of Public Information? I presume you are a subscriber.

  2. How much to repair the potholes in the streets?

  3. As usual the MCPS recieves almost half the budget for a quarter of the population. That's for maybe 9 months of education.

  4. I agree, as well as spending other people's money on frivolous anything!

  5. Montgomery County Council with all the unsupported raises and foolish spending will likely bankrupt the county. Streets and schools are a shadow of the past when the county educational system was number 1 in the nation and we took pride in the roads.


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