March 27, 2019

Residents Can Learn About Proposed Alternatives for I-495 and I-270

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the State Highway Administration (SHA) will hold three public workshops in Montgomery County for residents to can learn more about the proposed alternatives for I-495 and I-270

Each workshop includes two identical presentations at which the SHA team will guide attendees through the displays, handouts and interactive and hard copy maps. The workshops also will provide an overview of where the proposed projects currently stand. The one-hour presentation and workshop sessions in Montgomery County will be offered as follows:
More details on the project history and what will be discussed at the workshops is available here.


  1. Since these hearings concern 270 also, why aren't there any workshops along the 270 corridor?

  2. Could you hold a hearing upcounty where people are most impacted by I-270 plans? We live in the Clarksburg chokepoint where all the roads narrow down but the populations continues to boom.

  3. Could not "short circuiting" that part of I-270 & I-495 traffic destined for locations in Virginia, such as DULLES, be shunted across the Potomac on a new bridge located approximately at the intersection of the Potomac with a line joining Gaithersburg
    and DULLES ?
    Such a bridge, along with connecting roads to BWI Marshall, might well help Montgomery County to arrest its current economic decline, and cause it, instead, to blossom,
    just as Northern Virginia has already done.
    Such a curse of action would most likely alleviate, considerably, some of the current congestion on I-270 and I-495, and therewith, American Legion Memorial bridge, also,
    decreasing the pressure for additional right of way and major construction
    required for substantially increasing the capacity of these roads.
    Thanks for your consideration.
    S Zilliacus
    301 236 4395

  4. Please advocate for MDOT and SHA to schedule 2 workshops upcounty, or at least north of the lower third of our county. Otherwise, they are missing a large, highly impacted segment of Montgomery County residents.


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