November 30, 2022

Two Grant Programs Launched to Assist Disabled, Seniors and Low-Income Residents with Transportation Needs

Two grant programs designed to increase transportation services for disabled, senior and limited income residents were launched this week by the Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT). Approximately $800,000 in operating and capital budget funds will be available to eligible nonprofits to create assistance programs or enhance existing ones.

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich proposed $1 million to establish a capital and operating grants process using funds from the Transportation Services Improvement Fund in the Fiscal Year 2023 budget. The County Council approved $800,000 for a joint capital and operating grant program, with $640,000 for capital projects and $160,000 for operating expenses.

Eligible nonprofits can now apply for funds from the program. Applications are due by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 28. An online information session for the grant program will be held from 1:30-3 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 5.

“We have to ensure that our most vulnerable community members are able to access the essential services they need across Montgomery County,” said County Executive Elrich. “These new grant funds will allow nonprofits and our community partners to leverage their resources to reach an even greater number of residents.”

The capital grant funds can be used to purchase or retrofit a wheelchair accessible vehicle or purchase a traditional sedan, hybrid vehicle or electric vehicle to deliver food, clothing, medical supplies or other safety net needs for the targeted population groups.

“The Specialized Mobility Grant Program will help local nonprofit organizations improve access and opportunity for individuals who are disabled, seniors, and with limited incomes,” said Council President Gabe Albornoz. “It will help provide our most vulnerable residents access to public transportation and to get to places where they need to go throughout the County.”

The operating grant funds can be used to compensate personnel from the organization or a third-party entity for:
  • Providing transportation services.
  • Costs associated with the repairing and maintaining a vehicle that improves accessibility, such as a wheelchair accessible vehicle.seni
  • The cost of insurance for a vehicle that improves accessibility.
  • Costs associated with purchasing transportation service travel vouchers for the targeted population.
“The grants are funded by the Transportation Services Improvement Fund, which aims to enhance transportation services for older adults, individuals with disabilities and low-income residents,” said MCDOT Director Chris Conklin. “We’re happy to support transportation providers and our community nonprofits in their vital work to expand mobility options for vulnerable populations.”

Applicants should directly address these priority areas in their proposal. Organizations need a nonprofit designation to apply and all proposed services must take place within Montgomery County. Organizations can apply independently or in collaboration with other groups.

Requesting capital and operating support will require separate, but similar, applications. An organization may apply for both forms of funding. County funding cannot be used to supplant other funding for already planned services.

The online information session on Dec. 5 will be recorded and publicly available for those who miss the event or wish to see it again. The full program details, the online application and the information session details (as well as a recording of it) will be available on the Montgomery County Office of Grants Management - Grants Application Platform (

Grant applications will be reviewed by an independent committee organized by the Office of Grants Management. The committee will include neutral, qualified individuals from Montgomery County Government who are selected for their experiences in the grant program’s subject area, grants administration or project management. The panel members will review and score applicant proposals on a 100-point scale based on the criteria and priorities established in the grant program, with cumulative ranking informing the final awards.

Questions about the application process can be directed to Rafael Pumarejo Murphy, director of the Office of Grants Management, by calling 240-777-2775 or emailing

More information about the FY23 TSM operating program is available at FY23 Targeted and Specialized Mobility Operating Grant Program - Montgomery County Office of Grants Management - Grants Application Platform (

More information about the FY23 TSM capital program is available at FY23 Targeted and Specialized Mobility Capital Grant Program - Montgomery County Office of Grants Management - Grants Application Platform (