June 17, 2013

County Files Brief Opposing Proposed Rate Hike by Pepco

Taking an aggressive position with Pepco, Montgomery County has filed its initial brief with the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) strongly opposing the company’s request for a rate increase and the company’s proposed Grid Resiliency Charge, a surcharge passed on to customers that would fund projects to guarantee reliability across the grid during severe weather and other conditions that could threaten the grid.

The County proposes a revenue requirement for Pepco of $6.5 million, a reduction of $54.3 million (89%) from its requested $60.8 million increase in rates.

Read the County’s brief on the Pepco Reliability page (June 3, 2013 entry).


  1. What a joke. How about focusing on stopping the "smart meters?"

  2. Amen to the County brief opposing the PEPCO rate hike.

  3. Not sure why you didn't post my previous comment about smart meters, but I'll try again. You can focus on 89%, but we are still talking about a 6.5 million dollar increase for a public utility that provides horrific service. Again, why are we not focusing on stopping this "smart meter" debacle? The residents were never asked if they wanted it, and in hindsight they clearly do not. PLEASE focus on fixing this issue first. 6.5 million is a drop in the bucket. Thanks. JOHN Q.

  4. Instead of a RATE HIKE, Pepco needs to reduce its operational costs (by lowering executive compensation) and reduce dividends to shareholders. Why should low-income County residents subsidize 7-figure executive salaries for PEPCO's CEO????

  5. Until PEPCO provides 100% transparency of their financial books/data down to the smallest detail (single dollar) in every financial category, to every customer, PEPCO should be penalized a 20% reduction of each customer’s bill until they provide the 100% accurate transparency (to the dollar).

    Further, until the above transparency can be provided, PEPCO should be penalized 20% of their current approved budget plus allowing competitive competition at the competitive rate or less (competitive bidding) with the same requirements of transparency.

  6. I strongly agree with this. Every time we hear of a storm coming we know we are the first to loose power 20906 zip. We lost power last week !

    Suzanne Palmer


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