June 17, 2013

Weigh in: Latest Topics on engageMontgomery

Two new topics have been posted on Montgomery County’s engageMontgomery website (http://engage.montgomerycountymd.gov), giving residents an opportunity to voice their opinions and share ideas about emergency notifications and the County’s zoning codes.

The questions up for discussion are:
  1. Hurricane season has started, and residents can get timely emergency notifications about weather and traffic via Alert Montgomery (https://alert.montgomerycountymd.gov). What other kinds of information would be useful to receive via phone texts or emails?
  2. The County is in the process of re-writing its zoning codes for the first time since 1978. What ideas do you have for improvements? 
The two topics will remain on the site for the next month, and residents are encouraged to visit and weigh in often with their opinions and ideas. The engageMontgomery website is a social media platform that is part of the new open government efforts that were launched in December to enhance government transparency and accessibility.

For access to additional information about the County’s open government efforts, go to the openMontgomery website at (http://montgomerycountymd.gov/open).

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