June 17, 2013

Fire and Rescue Service Reminders to Motorists during Storm Season

Since the arrival of the summer storm season in our area, there have been numerous flash flood warnings issued to residents. While the basic message from the Fire and Rescue Service (MCFRS) is “Turn Around -- Don’t Drown and Try an Alternate Route,” there are other things to think about if you’re driving when flash flood warnings have been issued.

Although flash floods more often occur in mountain streams, hilly areas or low-lying areas, remember, they do happen in urban and suburban areas like Montgomery County, as well.  Flash floods can occur even though it's not raining where you are.  But, it may be raining so hard farther upstream that the water can’t be absorbed into the ground.
If you’re driving and hear about a flash flood warning, know your location.  If you needed rescue, would you be able to direct emergency crews to your location?  Distracted driving can lead to a situation where you are stranded and unable to direct emergency crews to you.  Be alert! 

You don’t have to be caught off guard.

Sign up for Alert Montgomery, so you’re never out of touch with the latest in storm (and other emergency) updates.

Get full list of  safety tips, including a rundown of local roads subject to periodic flooding.

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