June 17, 2013

Reminder: New Smoking Ban on County-Owned/Leased Property

The County’s recently passed law prohibiting smoking on County-owned or leased land is intended to discourage smoking and to prevent exposure to second-hand smoke by those working on or visiting County properties.

Residents and visitors are reminded that the new prohibition encompasses areas outside of County buildings, including
  • County parks; 
  • County parking lots and parking garages; 
  • County-owned vehicles; and 
  • Bus stops and bus shelters. 
Exempted from the ban are:
  • County golf courses; 
  • County rights-of-way, including public sidewalks; 
  • Any occupied residential unit owned or leased by the County for as long as the occupant on May 27, 2013 retains possession of the unit; and 
  • Any outside area where the Director of the Department of Health and Human Services determines that a complete prohibition would impede a program’s mission or effective delivery of services. 
Questions about the exact boundaries of County property should be directed to the building manager at each site or to the Department of General Services, Facilities Management, at 240-777-5399.

To register a complaint, call 311 or 240-777-0311 (from outside the County).


  1. What a breath of fresh air!

  2. I Think this is the best ban the county has done for years. it's very good they finally woke up and realized how bad smoking and second hand smoke it to non smokers.it is a very messy habit that litters our streets and parks.i personally think the county should oppose a fine on the people that don't follow the rules.


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