December 4, 2014

Council Elects Officers for Coming Year

The County Council has unanimously elected George Leventhal (At Large) as president and Nancy Floreen (At Large) as vice president for the year ahead.

President Leventhal, who served as Council vice president this past year, is beginning his 13th year on the Council. He previously served as Council president in 2006. He chairs the Council's Health and Human Services Committee and also serves on the Planning, Housing and Economic Development Committee.

Vice President Floreen was first elected to the Council in 2002. She chaired the Council’s Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment (T and E) Committee until 2010, when she became chair of the Planning, Housing and Economic Development Committee. She remains a member of the T and E Committee.

In his remarks, Leventhal said, “Another election is now behind us. Some people may think that the election results demonstrate that Marylanders are fed up with taxes, but I don’t see it that way. I think Marylanders and Montgomery County residents want to know that their taxes are paying for a government that works.

“We are ready to work with Maryland’s new governor. We want a state government that works, and we want a County Government that works. We are not Congress, and we are not going to engage in petty partisanship at the expense of our efficiency or our productivity. We want results, and we want a County Government focused on customer service.

“I was glad to hear County Executive Leggett in his speech...focusing on strengthening our economy and streamlining bureaucracy.

“We want to generate jobs, so that everyone who wants a job will be able to get one. We need to take a real look at workforce development. We have a disconnect between workers who need jobs and employers who need workers. Some are still feeling the systemic effects of the recession and need re-training and skill development. We must have a more robust training or unemployment program.”

Read full text of Leventhal’s remarks.