December 4, 2014

Immediate Past Council President Rice Reflects on His Term

As he concluded his one-year term as Council President, Councilmember Craig Rice (District 2) summed up the many accomplishments of the Council this year. He also said that he was glad that the Council was able to address many of the goals he set upon taking office.

“This year, I worked hand in hand with County Executive Leggett and his staff, Superintendent Starr and the School Board, Dr. Pollard and Montgomery College and Stu Edelstein and Universities at Shady Grove to make sure Montgomery County stayed on track as the economic engine and education leader of the State.

“In 2012, I had the privilege to visit the White House where President Obama told a group of Young Elected Officials that ‘You don’t get elected to be somebody; you get elected to do something.’ And I feel confident that we answered the President’s call: We certainly did a lot this year.”

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