December 4, 2014

Leggett Commends Transportation Department for Role in Developing Bill 33-13 to Improve Pedestrian, Bicyclist Safety

Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett has congratulated the Department of Transportation (MCDOT) for playing an essential role in crafting Bill 33-13, Streets and Roads - Urban Road Standards and Pedestrian Safety Improvements passed last week by the County Council.

MCDOT successfully advocated for modifications to the bill proposed by the Council, changing the initial “one-size fits all” approach to one that incorporated flexibility in creating a more pedestrian and bicycle friendly urban environment. MCDOT was concerned that the bill as originally written compromised the safety of walkers and bikers.

Bill 33-13 accomplishes the goal of establishing adaptable guidelines for lane widths and road intersection curb radii that make safety for pedestrians and bicyclists the priority.

In addition to the changes for urban roads detailed in Bill 33-13, MCDOT led the effort to further modify the County Code to ensure that more sidewalks will be built during road construction and development.

Read the Council news release for more about the bill.

Read the Executive’s release on MCDOT’s contribution to enhancing the bill.