August 4, 2015

“Celebrate and Educate” – It’s Fair Time in Montgomery County

It’s the time of year when the country comes to town and the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair sets up shop at the fairgrounds in Gaithersburg.

This year, the fair runs from August 14 to 22 with exhibits, food, rides, entertainment, (gates open from 3 p.m. to midnight Friday; 10 a.m. to midnight Saturday through end of Fair), animals (can be seen beginning Sunday through end of Fair from noon to closing) and loads of friendly people.

Cost is $10; children 11 and under are free. There’s also free same day re-admission if you get your hand stamped at the gate before departing.

Everything you’d ever need to know about what’s happening at the Fair can be found at


  1. Will there be adequate police presence at the fair this year? I know our political leaders had cut the budget for public safety items. Will the fair be safe or turned over to gang activity?

    1. There is not a time in recent memory, 20-plus years, that the Montgomery County Police Department has not provided uniformed security at the Fair. Our Police work closely with Fair executives to create a staffing plan that strikes the correct balance between providing for the safety all who attend the Fair, while not giving the false impression of an unsafe environment.
      Our police security plans vary based on attendance during daytime, nighttime, weekday and weekend hours. Uniformed officers work during all the hours the Fair is open to the public. Plans include interior and exterior security, traffic posts in the vicinity and pedestrian safety crossings at major roadways.

      Over the past couple of years, missing children/family reunification requests have accounted for 66% of our calls for service. The remaining 34% of calls vary in nature, from trespassing and disorderly conduct to alcohol-related minor theft and minor drug offenses. Just .08% of the calls resulted in arrest. It is clear that our presence at the Fair has been positive, kept criminal behavior to a minimum and supports a safe family-friendly environment.

      In addition, the Fair hires private security to supplement our officers.


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