August 4, 2015

National Night Out

Communities around the County will demonstrate their commitment to keeping their areas free from crime during the annual National Night Out observance on Tuesday, August 4.

National Night Out, sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch (NATW), is designed to generate neighborhood support and participation in crime prevention efforts and to enhance police and community relations.

In addition to the traditional display of outdoor lights and front porch vigils, many communities celebrate with a variety of events to help neighbors get to know one another and to build community spirit.

See the complete list of activities throughout the County.


  1. Support your local burglar. Keep the MCPD Officers employed! Now that I got your attention, Dial 911 when you see or hear something suspicious. Don't rely on your call. If you live in a Condo, Dial 911 first, and then call Security if your wish. Larry Dorney, Grosvenor Park Condominium IV.

  2. If crime is down, as our political leaders claim, why ist this event even needed?

    1. National Night Out is held every year, whether crime is up or down, as it has been in Montgomery County the last decade. Any crime is too much and encouraging neighborhoods to work with police to keep an eye out and keep crime down can only help, right?


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