August 13, 2015

Recreation, Parks Launch New One-Stop Registration System for Classes, Programs; Eliminates Need for Two Accounts

On August 17, Montgomery County Recreation and Montgomery Parks will launch a new registration system called ActiveMONTGOMERY, which will replace ParkPASS and RecWeb, the two separate registration systems currently used by Montgomery Parks and Montgomery Recreation.

The new system allows customers to use one website, one username and one account to register for both Recreation and Parks classes, programs, etc. ActiveMONTGOMERY also has new features such as easier search functionality, mobile-friendly registration access, Google maps location services and convenient credit card registration.

To begin using ActiveMONTGOMERY, users must set up new customer accounts at  Account set-up will take approximately five minutes and will enable customers to view upcoming activities and programs and register.

Log in instructions:
  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Create an Account”
  3. Fill out all forms: Name & Address, Contact Information, Personal Information, Emergency Contact and Account Information
  4. Click Create Account
  5. You will receive a confirmation email. Activate your account by clicking on the link provided in the email.
Questions? Call 240-777-6840.


  1. some of the classes (swimming) open for registration on Monday 8/17 and are not currently listed under active montgomery but are under recweb. Come Monday do I register under RecWeb or Active Montgomery? If active montgomery, will the classes not listed now be listed then?

    1. Recreation Department staff report the following: All of the classes, including swim programs, should be visible on the ActiveMONTGOMERY site now. This morning, last minute preparations were being completed, and not all programs were visible. We appreciate your question!

  2. Will the recweb site be phased out? If so, when will it go off line? Finally, is there no way to migrate account info from the original sites to ActiveMontgomery? Existing users need to re-register? Thanks!

    1. The Recreation Department replies that ActiveMONTGOMERY has replaced RecWeb, effective August 17. Users will need to create new accounts, but once that has been done, they will realize the features and benefits of the new system.

      Anyone with a question about their account may call the Recreation Department Customer Service line at 240-777-6840.


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