August 4, 2015

Montgomery Rated Second among U.S. Large Population Digital Counties

The 2015 Digital Counties Survey, conducted by e.Republic's Center for Digital Government, highlights counties across the country that are digital leaders.

This year, Montgomery County tied with San Diego, CA for second place among counties with populations of 500,000 and above. The survey called the County “a perennial high achiever….”

Among the noteworthy accomplishments that earned the County a second-place ranking for the second consecutive year were:
  • upgrading of its final mainframe-dependent applications -- tax assessment, health and criminal justice;
  • increasing the County’s financial transparency efforts with new tools such as the Interactive Fiscal Plan that lets residents test their skills at balancing the budget and see the complex consequences from any one decision; and
  • taking a data-driven approach to improving online customer satisfaction, including visitors to the primary website, the 311 site and the County Council website. 
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The Digital Communities program is an initiative of the Center for Digital Government and Government Technology magazine and is especially designed to help local government professionals improve public service delivery through the efficient and effective use of information and communication technology.

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