November 2, 2015

County Delegation On Four-Day “Sister City” Trip to El Salvador

A delegation of 36 County residents will leave on a four-day trip to El Salvador on November 7 as part of Montgomery County’s Sister City relationship with the Salvadoran state of Morazán.

Morazán was selected for partnering because an estimated 70,000 Salvadorans live in Montgomery County making it the number one country of origin of Montgomery County’s immigrant population. Many Salvadorans came here from the eastern part of El Salvador. There are currently several active hometown associations in Montgomery County which support projects in Morazán.

The delegation will have the opportunity to meet with local communities, visit schools and organizations, engage in community projects, and provide medical supplies. The purpose of the program is to encourage and foster friendship, partnership and mutual cooperation through educational, cultural, social, economic, humanistic and charitable exchanges between the people of Montgomery County and communities of other nations.

All County employees on the trip are paying all their own expenses.

Find out more about Montgomery Sister Cities


  1. This is such a crap when Montgomery County government officials visit El Salvador a third world country with nothing to offer this is such a waste of tax dollars and time.

    1. First, this visit is in concert with Salvadorians who live in Montgomery County and own business's here. Second, everyone from County Government, on the trip is paying their own way.

  2. I'm glad they are paying there own way. I would not want them using hard earned taxpayer money funding such an adventure.


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