November 23, 2015

Predatory Towing Bill to Ease Resident Frustration

Residents will get a break from frustrating towing practices when Bill No. 17-15, known as the “Predatory Towing Bill,” becomes effective on November 30.

The new legislation, enacted to protect residents from aggressive predatory towing, empowers the Office of Consumer Protection to more vigorously investigate and act on improper towing practices.

  • Read more about Bill 17-15 here.
  • Read Washington Post article.

1 comment:

  1. Well and good as far as it goes but it punishes the innocent guys who are charged with enforcement of parking rules in their home owners associations who have never, ever, practiced predatory towing. It imposes costs for additional signs that are suitable only for commercial parking lots and requires that they be proliferated throughout residential communities. It treats on-street parking in residential areas just like commercial parking lots. Our police and government agencies should prosecute offenders and not place unfair burdens upon innocent property owners. It is the among the most unfair and poor laws enacted this entire year by our county representatives, if not the absolute worst. Absolutely no concern whatsoever about the impact on innocent persons.


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