November 2, 2015

Peer Group Discussions for Older Drivers Who May be Considering Giving Up their License

The County’s Transportation Department’s Division of Transit Services in partnership with the Jewish Council for the Aging is holding small support group discussions for older adults who are considering the changes that take place with aging that may affect one’s ability to drive safely. These free sessions are sponsored by the Connect-A-Ride program.

Small groups of older adults meet once a week for three weeks. Each 90-minute session is led by a facilitator. At the last meeting, a Certified Mobility Specialist from Connect-A-Ride will share information about transportation options that can help older adults stay mobile when they stop driving.

For more information or to register, visit Connect-A-Ride online or call 301-738-3252, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Leave a message at other times.)