October 16, 2017

Leggett Conducts National Anthem at the Opening of National Philharmonic

County Executive Ike Leggett conducted the National Philharmonic at Strathmore in the playing of our country’s National Anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner” to open National Philharmonic's 2017-2018 season held at The Music Center at Strathmore. Video and Photo by Jay Mallin.


  1. I noticed that only a few audience members had their hand over their heart! Does that mean that most of the attendees don't even know how to act when the National Anthem is played? I served over 35 years in the U.S. Navy and I'm disgusted with the lack of patriotism being shown.

    1. When I went to elementary school in South Carolina, we were taught to stand for the national anthem and then to put our hand over our heart to recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag. Are you certain that the custom you learned is the only legitimate way to honor our nation?

    2. The proper etiquette is to stand and salute the flag and anthem by placing your hand over your heart and face the flag. If no flag is present, you still salute the anthem as if a the flag is present. This holds true for saluting the flag during the pledge of allegiance. There are specific rules for saluting for civilians, military, veterans, etc.. The saluting is not required (except for military), but does show proper respect and patriotism for our flag, national anthem and our country.

  2. Cool that County Executive Leggett can even lead an orchestra! Impressive!


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