October 30, 2017

Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection and Public Schools Team Up to Protect the Environment

Fifth-grade students from Strathmore Elementary School teamed up with the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection to complete four Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) rain gardens. 

The four projects are a cost-effective, environmentally-efficient way to capture the muck that comes from storm and pollutant runoff. Prior to the implementation of these projects, stormwater runoff from the impervious surfaces (parking lots, rooftops, etc.) on these school properties ran directly into the streams. These projects now redirect the runoff into the rain gardens where it filters through plants and soil before replenishing the groundwater.

County Executive Isiah Leggett, MCPS Superintendent Dr. Jack R. Smith, DEP Director Lisa Feldt, Strathmore Elementary School Principal Tivinia G. Nelson and Principal Intern Carrie Zimmerman joined the students for the event, which took place at Strathmore Elementary School located at 3200 Beaverwood Lane in Silver Spring. The other three schools which got the projects included: Argyle, Newport and Sligo Middle Schools.

For more information go to the press release.

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