October 16, 2017

County Council Committee Supports Leggett’s Changes to Minimum Wage Hike Proposal

The County Council Health and Human Services Committee last week approved amendments to the minimum wage hike proposal, now before the Council, that reflects changes requested by County Executive Ike Leggett. In a September 13 memo to the Council, Leggett listed the changes necessary to win his approval. Leggett vetoed legislation in January that narrowly passed the Council.

The Committee voted 2 -1 to lengthen the timeline to provide large and small businesses an additional two years for implementation. The amendment would also redefine a "small business" from 25 employees to 50 employees or less.

The proposal is tentatively scheduled to go to full Council for action on November 7.
A recent Washington Post editorial expressed concern about the proposed increase in the minimum-wage hike. Read the full article.


  1. A gradual approach that allows for monitoring the impact and making adjustments is desirable when the consequences cannot be predicted with a high level of certainty. That is certainly the case with changes to the minimum wage. There should be an immediate boost to adjust for inflation since the last increase in the minimum wage, assuming that this isn't as large as the planned increase target. If it is, then we are just getting back to the prior level, so no need to be overly cautious.

  2. Why does this ethically questionable activity by civil servants continue -- stealth lobbying against the increase by linking to anti-increase editorials based on a now-debunked flawed study paid for by the business community? As a county resident, I am outraged that people maintaining this blog, our community newsletter, and other official outlets are being paid by MoCo residents' tax dollars to pen pieces and fund studies with such a political angle. Really, I thought this place was supposed to be liberal when I moved here from VA, but I see the graft, corruption, and rigging going on. Shame on you for this boldfaced, evident lobbying -- using public employees and public funds on public time to lobby against a wage increase that would mostly benefit the workers of Montgomery County rather than the entrenched business interests that don't think they can spare a dime of their ever increasingly obscene profits. MoCo government in bed with industry, against the regular person, just like government at ALL LEVELS here in the US.

    1. Sorry but there is nothing “ethically questionable” about this at all. The article reflects the County Executive’s perspective on the best way to phase in an increase in the County minimum wage to $15 an hour.

    2. Please educate yourself, Unknown. Run a business for a few years, get to know the ins and outs of keeping a small business afloat. Your use of the phrase "obscene profits" proves you know nothing of business other than being a rank and file employee.

  3. Increasing the County Minimum Wage will bring workers from neighboring counties to work in Montgomery County, but spend in a cheaper county where the cost of inexperienced labor is less. Montgomery County Swim League will see a number of facilities forced to close, as the labor wage will be too stiff for them to bear. Even when exempted, pay rates must stay competitive with the County Minimum Wage, or risk losing employees. The bottom line is that non-profit MCSL community pools will have to close, lessening personal contact between community residents. Small Businesses are still trying to regain fair margins after 4 years of Minimum Wage Increases. Another increase in the minimum wage before the State increases it's wage wreak havoc on the County's Economy. I write this comment from my office in an industrial park where 75% of the units are vacant. Commercial Real Estate is in terrible condition as new businesses will opt for more affordable office space.


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