September 6, 2018

Don’t Gamble With Your Life; Use the Cross Walks

During the last few weeks, several pedestrians have died after being hit while crossing main roads in our County. In response, Montgomery County has been stepping up efforts to educate pedestrians, particularly in the areas where people have been hit recently.

Please don’t gamble with your life or the lives of others. Pedestrians and drivers each have important responsibilities to keep our roadways safe.
  1. Pedestrians: When crossing the street, do not forget to be alert, be visible, use the pedestrian crosswalk, and wait for the walk signal. 
  2. Drivers: Slow down, yield to pedestrians, be very alert when making turns, and avoid distractions. 
Together we can make sure everyone in Montgomery County makes it home safely.

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1 comment:

  1. The bus cameras -- which dispense $250 fines -- are a scam run by vendors whose first goal is to fleece Montgomery County taxpayers. Mine came from across six lanes of River Road near Little Falls Parkway, during early rush hour. River is a busy artery. You wouldn't want kids crossing it at the bus stop under any circumstances -- especially since a crosswalk is only 100 feet away. Ever since getting my nasty surprise, I seen dozens of hapless drivers fall afoul of this inappropriate "enforcement" scam. The politician who campaigns on reining in such excesses will have my vote, and I suspect that of many others as well.


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