September 6, 2018

Sept. is National Preparedness Month; Disasters Happen. Residents Urged to Prepare Now, Learn How

Sept. is National Preparedness Month and everyone is encouraged to set aside time to make plans and prepare for emergencies.

The County’s Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (OEMHS) takes a leading role in County government preparedness and preparedness education for our residents. A wide variety of emergencies can and do happen; sometimes with little or no warning.

Make a plan for family and pets in advance of an eventual emergency. Throughout this month, tips will be provided for how to plan/prepare in advance of potential hazards through social media posts on the County and OEMHS websites.

OEMHS is conducting and supporting many events during the month to help communities better prepare for potential disasters. A listing of those events is available on the OEMHS website. Check back frequently as events may be added throughout the month.

Learn more here about emergency preparedness. And, if you aren’t already signed up to receive Alert Montgomery emergency warnings, subscribe at