February 21, 2019

A Library Card Gives You Free Access to the Great Courses Library Collection

Montgomery County Public Libraries’ cardholders now have unlimited access to a world of knowledge via streaming video on RBdigital’s The Great Courses Library Collection.

The Great Courses collection offers access to top university professors and experts from Ivy League and other renowned schools and institutions. With hundreds of videos on subjects ranging from photography to physics, astronomy to art, history to health, there is something to spark everyone’s curiosity.

The Great Courses Library Collection features unlimited access via RBdigital, which provides a broad array of content services from a single app. There are easy-to-use features with no commercials or other interruptions. New courses are added monthly. Library cardholders can sign up to start streaming courses by visiting Great Courses Collection.


  1. Wonderful idea!! My problem is getting this content in a media that I can listen to in the car while travelling!! So streaming doesn't help that.

  2. The Macintosh app store comments about the RBdigital app are extremely negative. Most worrisome - apparently it doesn't save your place or allow you to bookmark it (successfully) when you exit a course. I hope this can be upgraded soon - it would prevent most people from completing a course, I imagine.

  3. Great decision! These courses are wonderful, but a bit expensive. I'm so happy they're now available through the library.

  4. great news...thanks to everyone who helped bring this about!!! susan merewitz 20815


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