February 21, 2019

Community Meeting to Discuss Public Safety Radio Tower Scheduled for Tuesday, March 5

The Montgomery County Department of Technology Services and Maryland’s Department of Information Technology and State Highway Administration will hold a community meeting to discuss a public safety radio tower planned for the northwest cloverleaf of the Intercounty Connector at Georgia Ave.

The meeting, scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 5, will take place in the All-Purpose Room of Cashell Elementary School located at 17101 Cashell Road in Rockville.

County and State representatives will provide information about the site selection, what the County and State’s public safety radio systems are used for, and reasons a new tower is required at this location. There will be diagrams of the planned tower site and photo simulations showing what the tower will look like from various locations in the surrounding area.


  1. Will the photos and minutes of the meeting be available to the public after the meeting. If so, how would they be accessed?

  2. This location is not acceptable to the concerned residents of Olney and the neighboring residents. Georgia Avenue is a gateway to the beautiful city of Olney. This permanent out-of-place eyesore would be here for generations once built. The residents have not seen any study of alternative locations neither have they been asked for their opinions. This meeting seems to only inform the residents of a decision already made without public input. This is Montgomery County and we expect our elected County officials to value public opinions.

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  4. Is it possible to attend community meetings remotely?
    (by using a service such as WebEx or Zoom)

    1. Thank you for your question. Not there will not be remote access for this community meeting.

  5. The presentation will be available online after the meeting. Photos are available online now: https://montgomerycountymd.gov/DTS/etsd/RadioCommunications/radiotowers/icc-georgia-ave.html

  6. This location is UNACCEPTABLE!!!NO public input!!!


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