February 6, 2019

Live Discussion with County Executive Marc Elrich

Join County Executive Marc Elrich for an online discussion on Thursday, Feb. 14 from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. Questions may be submitted before or during the chat at Live Discussion with Marc Elrich.


  1. My visit to hospital was 0ver $1000.00 for a visit for a smaller cut and no stitches. One should be able to get answer to questions before one see a doctor to decide to stay or not stay without showing the arm. I should have the right to find out in the waiting area: How many hours before one cannot have stitches in the arm. The answer I should have before I was given a bed that I only used for 7 minutes so the doctor wouldn't hurt her back. The answer was 8 hours, but my cut was about 11 hours. Since I couldn't have stitches which was my big concern to prevent a gap, or a dent showing permanently as an ugly scar, I couldn't prevent anything and the nature would decide how it would look when healed. In my case since I couldn't have any stitches, I was lucky it healed without a big dent or gap. That was my biggest worry, otherwise, the wound could wait for about 9 hours more and I could go to the doctor if I needed to do further treatment and save money and just pay for a doctor visit. I should not have to be a medical expert, and if I should be obliged to have medical expertise whithout knowing than I would like that to be on my resume to be backed up by the hospital and especially if I get a bill over $1000.00.

  2. I would like to see equal work and equal pay for same work and it shouldn't have anything to do if you are a man or woman. It should not have anything to do if you are in a union or a substitute. One shouldn't just get less than one dollar increase in 7 years when the employees in a union get paid accordingly to a bargaining schedule with regular increases. One should not be in a exception folder for not getting earned sick leave as a county worker when the law enacted October 6, 2016. The union county workers qualified for sick leave earnings, but they also have benefits and they, I believe can't have both. We substitutes are more vulnerable and we don't have a solid work schedule. We are on call every morning and we can't sleep in and we don't get paid for soliciting an assignment job. One has to be available 38 hours and 75 minutes a week in order to get average 15 hours work a week. Indirectly the county saves money on temporary substitutes, and indirectly we are paying for other people to survive and we have to starve. Again, permanent employees, also members with a union, and temporary workers should have equal payment for equal work. All temporary workers should have same minimum hours and be able to sleep in, the way all permanent workers do or get that extra pay for being awake calling the employer, to be ready for work within a short time. There are days one doesn't get any assignment and one has to share the assignments with other temporarily workers. One cannot plan ahead.


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