August 19, 2019

Montgomery County Executive Elrich Announces Completion of Two-Year Apartment Building Inspection Initiative That is Area’s Most Aggressive for Large Jurisdictions

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich recently said that the County has completed its two-year initiative to inspect 686 apartment buildings – a new protocol that is the most aggressive among large jurisdictions in the Washington area.

Over the two-year period, the Department of Housing and Community Affairs inspected more than 22,000 apartment units, identified more than 31,000 violations and ensured that 96 percent of the violations were corrected, to date.

The initiative marks the first time that the County has inspected so many apartment buildings in this period and makes the County the leader in identifying and focusing resources on the most problematic buildings as well as implementing such a thorough and systematic enforcement regimen.

Among apartment buildings under this initiative, 65 percent were deemed compliant; 16 percent were deemed “at-risk,” and 19 percent were categorized as “Troubled Properties.” Going forward, every unit in troubled property buildings will be inspected annually to identify and address violations. The remaining apartment buildings will continue to be inspected, but far less intensively, i.e., at least one-fourth of units in the building will be inspected at least every three years.

Read more about this initiative here.