August 5, 2019

Montgomery County's Department of Environmental Protection Searching for New Site for Larger, Modernized Recycling Facility

Montgomery County, recognized as a national leader in solid waste management, continues to look for ways to improve the overall recycling rate. While other jurisdictions across the nation are reconsidering aspects of their recycling programs, the County continues its commitment to increase recycling and reduce trash.

Aiming for zero waste, the County is working toward expanding recycling opportunities that may include partnerships with other local jurisdictions, addressing food waste processing and expanding recycling operations to likely include optical sorters and robotics.

The County is searching to find industrial properties that would allow expansion and modernization of its recycling operations. In advance of the master plan completion, the County is seeking expressions of interest for one or multiple sites that would be available to expand the County Materials Recovery Facility operations. Submissions are to be forwarded by 3 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 20. Details of the solicitation are available here.