September 11, 2019

9-11: We Remember

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich statement on September 11th Observance:

It has been 18 years since the horrific September 11 terrorist attack. Today we remember the nearly 3,000 victims, including 11 from Montgomery County, who tragically had their lives taken by a senseless act of evil and hatred.

Today, and every day, we here in Montgomery County remember: 
  • William Edward Caswell;
  • Gerald Paul Fisher;
  • Lawrence D. Getzfred;
  • Michele M. Heidenberger;
  • Angela Marie Houtz;
  • Teddington Hamm Moy;
  • Darin H. Pontell;
  • Scott A. Powell;
  • Todd Hayes Reuben;
  • Patricia J. Statz; and
  • Ernest M. Willcher
They were our County brothers and sisters who lost their lives in the attack on the Pentagon.

We remember the bravery of those who heroically fought against their attackers on Flight 93, and the courage of the first responders who charged forward to the rescue, willing to put their lives on the line.

I hope everyone will join me in remembering the victims and their families who continue to grieve and miss their loved ones.

Montgomery County's 9/11 Memorial Park is a place you can go to reflect and pay respect. The park gives tribute to the 11 County residents who lost their lives. The names of these victims are inscribed on a plaque covered by two doors.

Eleven benches located throughout the path are dedicated to each of the victims. Family members chose the inscription to honor and reflect on the character of the person. The park is located at the corner of East Jefferson and Maryland Ave. in Rockville.


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    1. The park is located at the corner of East Jefferson and Maryland Ave. in Rockville.

  2. We should also pause to remember the loss of our liberties, that followed 9/11. The loss of civil rights at home directly follows from the wars we conduct abroad. Instead reflecting how U.S. foreign policy might have provoked the terrorism on 9/11, off we went to war against Afghanistan and Iraq - and bred new terrorists. (ISIS did not even exist 18 years ago.) On 9/11, the terrorist murdered 3,000 innocent Americans. Since then, we have soiled their memory by the killing hundreds of thousands of innocents abroad.

  3. Bless our nation and lives that stood before us. Silent prays.

  4. What was the background of the terrorists? I'd like County Executive Elrich to tell those of us who are unaware of it. And the "senseless act of evil and hatred"? What kind of hatred motivated the act and what purpose did the terrorists believe they were serving? Did they think it was senseless? Please provide more information.

  5. Shameless on those who turned this into a political comment. Practice civility.

  6. We should never forget! God bless America!

  7. I originally submitted my comment on September 11, 2019. It was the first comment submitted, but was later erased or removed.

    I appreciate the remembrance done by Montgomery County, Maryland but noted that as in past years, Montgomery County omitted any mention of Chief Warrant Officer William Roderick Ruth, who was among those murdered at the Pentagon on 9-11. Bill as he was known to his many friends was a retired Montgomery County, Maryland School Teacher who lived in Montgomery County, teaching and raising a family with his wife Georgette, but did later move to Mt. Airy, Maryland. Bill came to Montgomery County as a new teacher in the early 1970's and would stay with us for 27 years. During his tenure, Bill a US Marine Corps helicopter pilot who served in Vietnam decided he wished to serve again, and applied for and was accepted in the Maryland Air National Guard. Following his retirement from the Montgomery County School System (John T. Baker Middle School was his last assignment) Bill was on active duty at the Pentagon on 9-11, when he and his many unfortunate colleagues became victims of the 9-11 mass murder.

    While Montgomery County has ignored Bill, I and his friends will not.

    Thank you for your service, CWO Bill Ruth.



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