September 11, 2019

Dogs Rule the Pool at Montgomery County Recreation’s Annual Pool Pooch Party

Montgomery County Recreation welcomed dogs to the pool for their end-of-the season annual Pool Pooch Party for a weekend of romping, jumping and splashing. The annual event, held the weekend after Labor Day, give dogs the chance to make a final splash before the pools are cleaned and closed for the outdoor swim season.

Enjoy this photo mix of the tail-wagging fun.

Photo credit: Jenny Dover, Montgomery County Recreation


  1. I don’t understand why this information is sent out on September 11th, which is past the weekend after Labor Day. My cocker spaniels would have loved this event.

  2. Yikes...sorry your dogs missed the event. While this article is a recap, there was information about the event in our Labor Day issue. The event is held annually the weekend after Labor Day. Hopefully you can join in next year.


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