October 23, 2019

Record 176 Bicycles Donated at Montgomery County Department of Transportation’s Annual Collection

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) realized several years ago that, as the County continued to expand its bicycle path network, more people would likely want to take advantage of the increased opportunities. It also realized that not all of those who wanted to ride bikes could afford them.

Three years ago, to celebrate Community Service Month celebration, MCDOT set aside a day to collect bicycles from people who were no longer using them or who did not want to make minor repairs to them. The first year of the event led to 100 bicycles being donated. Last year, 120 bicycles were donated. At the third annual event, held on Oct. 18, a record number of 176 adult and children’s bikes were donated in Rockville to benefit people in need.

In addition to the bikes, the drive collected various bike parts, including bike frames, wheels and tires.

The donated bikes and parts will go to the Rockville Bike Hub, a nonprofit organization whose volunteers refurbish the bikes and then give them to low-income residents in the County. The bicycles are distributed through Rockville’s Terrific Kids program and via other charitable organizations that distribute bikes during the holidays.

Learn more about the collection event here.