February 10, 2021

County Green Bank Has a New Program to Support Small Businesses

A flexible, affordable lending program to help small- and medium-sized Montgomery County businesses of 500 or fewer employers is available from the nonprofit Montgomery County Green Bank. Loans from the Green Bank can be used for improvements to indoor air systems that may be needed to reopen businesses that closed due to the COVID-19 health crisis.

The Green Bank’s “Small Business Energy Savings Support Program” could be useful to businesses looking to address their airflow systems to create healthier indoor environments for employees and patrons.

Small and medium-sized businesses may be eligible for Green Bank loans whether they are property owners or lessees. Upgrades to systems that can handle necessary MERV filter ratings, UV lighting and bringing in more outdoor air are examples of measures that can qualify.

The Green Bank program could be paired with the County grant programs to provide the necessary resources to undertake these improvements.

Terms for loans under the special program include putting zero down, loans up to $150,000, interest rates as low as 3 percent and tenors up to five years. Borrowers can also choose an interest only option for six months or deferred payments for three months.

For more information on the Green Bank loan program, go to https://mcgreenbank.org/small-business-program-supports-re-opening-needs/. The Green Bank can be contacted directly at info@mcgreenbank.org or at 240-453-9000.