September 27, 2013

Emergent Biosolutions to Expand HQ in County; Maker of only FDA-licensed Vaccine to Protect Against Anthrax Disease

Thanks to a strategic collaboration among the Maryland, Montgomery County and City of Gaithersburg economic development offices, Emergent Biosolutions - maker of the only FDA-licensed vaccine to protect against anthrax disease - will expand its headquarters in Montgomery County.

The company will move 112 of its current employees to its new headquarters facility at 400 Professional Dr. in early 2015. As part of the tri-level support for Emergent, the State of Maryland contributed $2 million, Montgomery County, $750,000 and the City of Gaithersburg, $250,000. Emergent plans to purchase 400 Professional Dr., adjacent to its current research and development facility located at 300 Professional Drive in Gaithersburg.

In addition to its Anthrax vaccine, Emergent also develops products to combat tuberculosis, cancer and autoimmune disorders and employs some 900 employees at more than a dozen sites globally.

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  1. Useless information to the general public, valuable information to people looking to harm the general public. Why disclose the locations?

    1. Thanks for your comment. The locations are public information and the fact that our County's biotechnology focus continues to grow is good news for all.


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