September 11, 2013

Thursday, September 26 -- Public forum on proposed changes on Ride On bus routes 83 and 94

The forum will be held at the Upcounty Regional Services Center, 12900 Middlebrook Rd., Germantown. It will begin at 6:30 p.m. and end after the last speaker presents remarks. In case of inclement weather, the public forum will be held on October 3.


  1. Dear Sir and/or Madame,
    We are just wondering why so many empty busses( Ride on as well as Metro bus) keep running at the same route&the same hours? Study should be done to have efficient&economical operation to save money. We can use the money for taking care our elder,our disadvantage friends etc.Thank you and we appreciate your attention very much. Djono&sasanti Sujono at Leisure World .

    1. Carolyn Biggins, chief of Transit Services, responds by explaining:
      As you may know, Ride On operates 78 routes throughout Montgomery County carrying nearly 90,000 riders per weekday. And MetroBus operates 20 routes throughout the county carrying over 42,000 riders per weekday. Between the two transit providers, there are 98 bus routes, over 132,000 daily riders and nearly 40 million annual riders. These are strong ridership numbers.

      But, as you have indicated, some routes carry more riders than others. The County planning and scheduling staff regularly collaborate with MetroBus staff to refine the service levels on routes to best match the service with the demand. In fact, effective October 20, 2013, about 25 percent of the Ride On routes will receive these types of scheduling adjustments.

      We appreciate your feedback regarding some underutilized transit services. I can assure you that staff regularly collect and analyze ridership data to ensure that the transit resources are most efficiently allocated. Thank you for your interest in our Ride On service.


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