September 11, 2013

Share Your Silver Theatre Memories

September 15, 2013 marks the 75th anniversary of the Silver Theatre's grand opening in 1938. In celebration of this milestone for the theatre and local community, Silver Spring and Washington-area moviegoers are invited to share their own memories of -- and from -- the Silver Theatre.

Personal memories/stories may be sent to with the sender’s email address, name, phone number and date of the special memory. AFI Silver will compile a sample of the Silver Theatre audience memories from across the years to share with the larger community. Stories will be collected throughout the year.

Special screenings will also be hosted September 13 through 18 in honor of the Silver Theatre's 75th anniversary.

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  1. My father,William Claude "Sandy" Land was manager at the Silver Theater from 1945 to mid 1960s. I have many memories to share,from War Bond drives,to Miss America contests,Halloween costume contests for all the local kids,on stage too, ,other varied contests with TV's or even land in Florida as prizes.Once it was even diamonds!
    As a highscool student at Montgomery Blair I was frequently asked by classmates"whats your Dad showing,or when will he show a certain movie". Every Saturday morning was "Matinee Time" and about all the kids in Silver Spring showed up. My father even said that Goldie Hawn used to come and many times he would chase her out for her loud giggle that he thought was disturbing the others.Little did he know what would become of Goldie!Dont know if this is true ,but it made a good story!
    My father was active in community life in Silver Springs also,from riding his large white horse in parades dressed like Hopalong Cassidy to being involved in Elks,Rotary, and the Board of Trade. He was both vice-president and president of the later. He also chaired the Red Cross Drive for the Silver Springs area and in 1953 was awarded the Harry Kalmine Award,by the Warner family, for Showmanship on the east coast.
    He had dropped out of college in his second year to become a part of the then "growing" movie theater business,which was still in its infancy. First as usher,then capt of ushers,assistant manager and then manager.He loved the theater business and it showed in his management of the Silver. posted by Sandra Land

  2. I remember well the Saturday matinees in the late 1950s, and the zillions of kids attending in the packed theater, of which I was one. It began my lifelong love of popcorn, as I went back several times during the double features for refills. Posted by Allan Savage.


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