September 11, 2013

Recycling Program Expanded to Include New Items for Drop Off at the Transfer Station

Residents can now drop off a variety of newly added household items for recycling at the County’s Solid Waste Processing Facility and Transfer Station under the latest expansion of the County’s nationally-recognized recycling program.

Included among the many bulk rigid plastic items that can now be recycled are laundry baskets; dish drainers, toys; lawn furniture; waste baskets; clothes hangers; tote boxes; crates; large buckets; pet carriers and garbage cans. All items dropped off for recycling should be empty, rinsed, if necessary, and free of loose dirt, soil, etc.

Among the items that cannot be recycled with either rigid plastics or commingled materials are garden hoses; vinyl fencing/siding; motor oil containers; plastics containing or contaminated by chemicals or hazardous substances; and pesticide/herbicide containers.

For a complete list of both acceptable and unacceptable items, as well as a downloadable flyer with the hours of operations at the Transfer Station, visit the Division of Solid Waste Services’ website at


  1. Why not expand the meyals allowed to be picked up. Right now nothing but tin cns can be picked up.

    1. Thanks for your question and your interest in recycling more. In response to your question, the Division of Solid Waste Services says that our recycling program has long ago expanded to collect many, many metal items in our weekly curbside recycling collections. Residents can place metal items such as aluminum cans and foil products; bi-metal steel/tin cans; metal caps; and non-hazardous aerosol cans into their blue recycling bins for recycling. In addition, residents can call 311 (240-777-0311 outside Montgomery County)or go online to to schedule scrap metal recycling pick-up for large metal items such as appliances; lawnmowers; BBQ grills; and more! For information on everything residents can recycle in our weekly curbside recycling program, go to


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