September 23, 2020

Here is What You Need to Know to Vote by Mail in the Nov. 3 Election

Voting by mail can make things easier, and safer. Here are a few things you want to remember to ensure that you can vote by mail in the Nov. 3 election. To receive a vote-by-mail ballot, the Board of Elections must receive your request by Tuesday, Oct. 20.

To request a ballot: 

  • Text the letters VBM to 77788; or
  • Use the following Mail-in Ballot Request link. Provide your complete information so your voter registration can be verified, and a ballot can be mailed.
  • In Step 9, the “Mail-in Ballot Request”, select “I would like to receive a mail-in ballot.”
  • Under delivery type, select “in the mail”. The other types are only recommended for overseas voters and voters with disabilities. They require a bipartisan team of poll workers, or Election Judges, to review your ballot and hand copy your choices before your votes can be counted.
  • If you request a ballot, you want to vote as soon as possible using that ballot. Postage is prepaid, so you can return it by mail or to a Board of Elections drop box. Secure drop boxes will be located at all early voting sites beginning Oct. 1 and at all voting centers on Oct. 15. A list of all locations and installation dates is available here.
  • You can also find the nearest USPS collection box or Post Office by texting the word BOX plus your zip code (example: BOX 20879) to 77788 or by using the website.
  • You can also check the status of your mail-in ballot application and/or the status of your returned voted ballot by: texting the word CHECK to 77788; or using the Maryland Voter Lookup tool.