September 17, 2020

Join County Executive Elrich in Getting a Flu Shot Ahead of Flu Season

The year 2020 likely will be long remembered as the time America—and the rest of the world—was inflicted with a new virus: COVID-19. However, an old, recurring disease—the flu—is back again, sometimes with similar symptoms to COVID-19. Protect yourself, protect others – get a flu vaccine every year. 

Health officials recommend everyone six months and older be vaccinated against the flu. The circulating strains of flu are a good match with those included in this year’s vaccine. This week, County Executive Marc Elrich continued his annual ritual of getting a flu shot. 

Women who are pregnant can and should receive a flu shot during any trimester. Pregnant women are at high risk of flu-related complications. If immunized during pregnancy, protective antibodies help protect babies for up to six months after birth. 

Providers of the flu vaccine can be found at