December 2, 2020

County Executive Elrich Vetoes Bill 38-20 Regarding Development Impact Taxes for Transportation and Public School Improvements

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich has notified the County Council that he has vetoed Bill 38-20 that amends the newly renamed “Growth and Infrastructure Policy” (formerly the County Growth Policy). The amendment would reduce the funding available to provide necessary County infrastructure.

In his memo to the Council explaining why he vetoed the legislation, County Executive Elrich wrote: “With new development comes increased infrastructure needs; the newly renamed “Growth and Infrastructure Policy” (Growth Policy) reduces the funding available to provide the necessary infrastructure while the need to provide infrastructure is more critical to our success than ever. While I have long been concerned with how impact taxes work and I believe that there are alternatives that should be implemented, I cannot support simply reducing the necessary revenues without an appropriate replacement. Therefore, I am vetoing Bill 38-20.”

The Council approved Bill 38-20 in November by a unanimous vote. It will now consider whether to uphold or override the County Executive’s veto.

The complete text of County Executive Elrich’s memo to the Council can be found here.