December 16, 2020

Montgomery County Executive Elrich Releases Draft Climate Action Plan That Lays Path to Meet County’s Climate Goals

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich has released the Draft Climate Action Plan for public review. The Climate Action Plan is the County’s strategic plan to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 80 percent by 2027 and by 100 percent by 2035. 

The actions and technical analyses presented in the plan build upon the work of more than 200 volunteer members of the Climate Technical Workgroups, community groups, County employees and technical consultants—as well as input from the public. The 87 actions outlined in the plan lay the path to meet the County’s ambitious climate goals while building a healthy, equitable and resilient community.

The Draft Climate Action Plan is open for public review and comment through the end of February. The complete list of recommended actions is available at The plan will be finalized in the spring of 2021.

The Climate Action Plan was spurred by the County Council’s Emergency Climate Mobilization Resolution that accelerated the County’s communitywide GHG emission reduction goals that were established in 2008. The resolution recognized the existential threat that climate change poses to society and natural ecosystems and called for the County to take a leadership role in modeling strategies.

“We are already feeling the impacts of climate change in our County—hotter summers, increased flooding events and more extreme storms,” said County Executive Elrich. “The strategies outlined in this plan address these impacts, prioritize those in our community who are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and identify opportunities to enhance racial equity and improve our quality of life, all while reducing emissions. I want to thank all members of our community who worked so hard and who carved out so many hours to establish the foundation for this important plan. The hundreds of ideas generated by our residents, businesses and other local organizations are reflected throughout this plan.”

The Draft Climate Action Plan identifies the County’s major GHG emissions sectors, including energy supply, buildings and transportation, and proposes actions to directly reduce GHG emissions in these sectors. The plan also includes actions related to climate adaptation, carbon sequestration, climate governance and public engagement, partnerships and education.

The County will host virtual sessions on the Draft Climate Action Plan during the public comment period. For upcoming sessions, go to Upcoming Climate Events.

For more information about the Draft Climate Action Plan and to provide feedback on the Draft Plan, visit