February 1, 2023

RainScapes Rewards Rebate Program Application Portal Now Open

RainScapes Rewards Rebate Program Application Portal Reopens Wednesday, Feb. 1

The RainScapes Rebate Program application portal of Montgomery County’s Department of Environmental Protection is open. The portal will have information on installing a RainScapes program and will offer guidance on selecting the right type of project to get started. However, the portal will only be open through March 31.

RainScape is a landscape or design technique that helps reduce stormwater runoff from individual properties. They include:
RainScapes can be installed on any kind of property, but those on private residential, institutional and/ or commercial properties may be eligible for financial assistance. More information is available at RainScapes Rewards Rebates. Rebates for projects on residential properties could be eligible for rebates up to $7,500.

County residents can complete a RainScapes application here.

Visit RainScapes.org for more information about the program and help in selecting and planning a project. The website includes examples of RainScapes projects.

More information also is available at FAQ page at RainScapes Rebate Program FAQs (montgomerycountymd.gov).