March 1, 2023

‘Harriet Tubman—The Journey to Freedom’ Statue Traveling Exhibit Will Be Subject of Montgomery History Online Presentation on Tuesday, March 7

The nine-foot-tall sculpture recognizing “Harriet Tubman—The Journey to Freedom” will be the subject of a free online presentation by Montgomery History at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, March 7. Anthony Cohen, historian and Menare Foundation president, will lead the discussion of the statue by artist Wesley Wofford.

The statue, currently traveling the country, will be on display at the Button Farm Living History Center in Germantown from April 2-May 30. It is the only planned display of the statue in the Washington area.

Mr. Cohen will present a slide show featuring the sculpture, its creator and its impact and talk about Ms. Tubman’s enduring legacy two centuries after her birth on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Mr. Wofford is an Emmy and Academy Award winning sculptor who works from his private studio in the North Carolina mountains. The Harriet Tubman statue has been on display in a private building in Dallas before it was decided to make it part of a traveling exhibition.

The sculpture was on display in five cities in 2022. It is scheduled to be on display in four cities in 2023.

To view the presentation, go to Webinar Registration - Zoom.