September 20, 2023

New COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Available Soon

New COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Available Soon

A new COVID-19 vaccine will soon be available. Earlier this week, the Food and Drug Administration approved a new vaccine and the advisory committee of the Centers for Disease Control recommended that anyone age 6 months and older get vaccinated. The new vaccines are a much closer match to currently circulating variants. They are updated versions of the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines.

The vaccine is scheduled to be distributed to health care providers and pharmacies across the U.S. very soon.

Insurance companies will pay for vaccinations and shots that will primarily be available through private physicians’ offices and local pharmacies. The County’s Department of Health and Human Services will be working with Montgomery Cares clinics to provide doses to their clients without insurance.

There will be a limited number of County-sponsored clinics distributing the new vaccines, but they will be for residents who are uninsured. Information about those clinics will be available when vaccine is available.

For more information about the vaccine and how to obtain them, residents should call their health care provider or visit The website will provide information on local pharmacies offering the vaccinations by zip codes.