January 29, 2015

Bikers on the Move: Local Bikeshare Program Exceeds First Year Expectations

Montgomery County’s Bikeshare program celebrated its first year of operation in fall 2014 and exceeded participation projections with 35,000 trips taken.

The Department of Transportation launched its Capital Bikeshare network in October 2013 with 14 stations. Over the following months, the program ramped up to install a total of 51 stations in three geographic areas: Bethesda/Friendship Heights along the east leg of the Metrorail Red Line; Silver Spring/Takoma Park along the west leg of the Metrorail Red Line; and Rockville/Shady Grove/Life Sciences Center.

Peak Bikeshare ridership occurred during the morning and evening weekday rush hours. The Bikeshare stations at or near Metrorail stations were the most popular.

More information about Montgomery County’s Bikeshare is available online.

Read the news release.


  1. Bethesda/Friendship Heights . . east leg . . . Silver Spring/Takoma Park . . west leg . . . ??? Has geography been eliminated from the county's school curriculum?

  2. I'm trying to figure out how any service (Bikeshare included) could involve Bethesa/Friendship Heights along the EAST leg of the Metrorail Red Line, or Silver Spring/Takoma Park along the WEST leg of the Metrorail Red Line. Has anyone in Montgomery County Government ever taken a look at a MAP?

  3. Thanks to two sharp-eyed/minded readers for discovering what were misplaced directions. Geography still is taught in County schools and County employees do read maps. Sorry for the errors in writing. The news release from which the piece was taken has been corrected.


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