January 14, 2015

County’s Successful Efforts to Address Suburban Poverty Cited in Article

Why the Poor Are Struggling in America's Suburbs is the crux and title of a detailed article in CityLab’s recent issue. Writer Alana Semuels looks at poverty as an increasing problem in the suburbs throughout much of the United States.

However, later in the article, she writes: “Some regions have begun to address the problems created by suburban poverty, but they're finding the work is slow going.
“But some regions are succeeding. Montgomery County, Maryland, for instance, established a network to reach low-income residents who might not have been aware of the benefits available to them, with volunteers knocking on far-flung suburban doors to check in on residents, according to [Elizabeth] Kneebone and [Alan] Berube,” authors of Confronting Suburban Poverty in America, an in-depth look at the fact that in the US suburbia is home to the largest and fastest growing poor population.
Previously known as The Atlantic Cities, CityLab, according to its website, “is dedicated to the people who are creating the cities of the future—and those who want to live there.” Articles focus “on the biggest ideas and most pressing issues facing the world’s metro areas and neighborhoods.”