January 14, 2015

County’s First Protected Bike Lane (Cycle Track) Installed

The Department of Transportation’s Division of Transportation Engineering (DTE) recently completed the County’s first protected bike lane -- also referred to as a “cycle track.”

The on-road bike lane is about 1,500 feet long and is adjacent to the curb on the west side of Woodglen Dr. between Edson and Nicholson lanes. It provides an important connection between the Bethesda Trolley Trail to the south and Rockville destinations to the north. Eventually, the lane will link directly to the White Flint Metro Station, which is located one block north.

The two-way, eight-foot-wide cycle track protects bicyclists from both through traffic and parked vehicle door openings, because it is located between the curb and a two-to-three foot buffer bordered by flexible posts. Next to the buffer are the parking lane and three travel lanes of traffic.

View a video of the restriping process.